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During my architecture studies I had encountered the world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright [FLW] and his beautiful buildings and designs. I was especially fascinated by his Mayan inspired era and the mysterious feeling it evoked in me. 

During this era FLW experimented with concrete blocks which had various designs on them. One of the designs used in his Storer House intrigued me with it's simple but almost spiritual shapes.

While renovating our apartment me and my fiancee where faced with trying to find a fitting lamp for the small coatroom. The room had evolved into a cave after the addition of two new wardrobes and was reminded of how cave like some of the rooms in FLW's houses looked to me from the pictures I had seen. 


This need for a lamp in a cave had sparked an idea and I was ready to start designing.




I decided early on to use this project as a learning tool as well as a homage to architecture and most of all Frank Lloyd Wright. I therefore researched his textile-block design carefully and managed to reproduce it in the CAD software that I was using. 

To keep with the feeling of blocks I chose to go with a square design for the lamp and to have it hanging of the wall. Five sides where to be 3D-printed and the final side to be cut in wood as it was only going to be facing the wall.

A holder for the light-socket was also designed to have the light be emitted from the center off the block.


The block was separated and prepared for printing. The size of the lamp was both limited by the space in the coatroom as well as the size of the print bed in my 3D-printer. Coincidentally the two matched perfectly and the tiles was printed 15 by 15 cm. The filament I decided on was a wood infused PLA plastic which, after some touching up, gives a nice modern feel.

After several hours of printing the block was finally ready to be sanded and glued together. I decided to leave the top tile loose to give easy access to both mounting the lamp and to change the bulb when needed. The holes in the block was covered up with architecture paper as an homage to architecture and to defuse the light and to create a mystery of "what is hiding inside the box?".



Designing this lamp has been a great learning experience and it became a great addition to the coatroom.

The lamp gives of the mysterious feeling I was going for with its warm glowing light passing through the paper. The homage to Frank Lloyd Wright I was hoping to achieve.

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